Company Presentation  in pdf format

        Company Bastion is the biggest enterprises in Ukraine, specialized in processing of fresh and fresh frozen fish and seafood products.

Company was organised in 1997. Nowadays, Company exports fish products to more than 20 countries. Because of long experience, JSCompany Bastion has a high rating in Europe, USA and countries of CIS.

On a domestic region the Companys production is well known under the trademark as Fish". The assortment of products is constantly enlarged. The production is oriented for processing and production of fresh frozen products as fillet, stuffing, fresh frozen caviar.

We use various kinds of fresh and cooled fish for processing. The used method of shock frozen allows to keep for a long time the nutrition and energy product worth.

Company "Bastion" is one of most dynamically developing and perspective enterprises of food branch of Ukraine. The basic components of long-term strategy of the development developed by managers of the Company, are:

  • modern hi-tech manufacture
  • the highest quality of production
  • the organized monitoring system of quality
  • introduction of new technologies
  • expansion of production base
  • development of new kinds of production
  • the highly skilled personnel
  • system of effective management and marketing
  • development of new commodity markets
  • diversification

The special attention is given to the improvement of professional skill of the personnel. The special program of promoting of perfection of professional skills of workers of the enterprise is developed in the company.

The technology of packing of a fish in vacuum packages is unique for Ukraine.


Our company is one of the first in Ukraine who received the right to export our products to the EU countries (Approved European # 04-04-20 FP)

and to the USA (U.S. FDA Registration # 15200561148)


The company is included in the list of companies approved for exporting products to the Russian Federation:
Decree  --4/1389  from 09.11.2010